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Difficulties encountered by designers with their clients

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Difficulties encountered by designers with their clients

For a few weeks now, I’ve wanted to respond in writing to this question that. I’m regularly asked You seem to do a lot of things. But how do you organize yourself. Sometimes you even imagine me with people who work for me, who take care of my business, all that stuff. Haha At the end of this article, do not hesitate to tell me also what is your optimal organization, or your crazy ideas of organization. It can help some people My days are hours long. I sleep enough to be in shape and the rest of the time. I organize myself to work on the one hand. I will come back to this term later and on the other hand to organize daily life and long time to allow me then to continue to.

Basically I take my to-do list in order and do them

When I talk to you about work, I’m talking about my job designer . But that’s not a job for me, it’s much more than that. It’s a way of acting and being in my environment, a way of understanding, transmitting, creating, acting, interacting… In short, that’s a bit of everything. For me, I am also a designer in my reading, in my learning around jewelry retouch service resilience, autonomy, in my discussions, in my way of thinking about my home and my actions in general. I group all of this under the label of designer for lack of another word to better describe it. Sometimes I think of craftsmen, realizing that my job has nothing to do with mass, industrial and globalizing production.

jewelry retouch service

What tools to organize my time

I also think of craftsmen because each of my projects is thought out. Designed to measure, with – among other things upstream research work. But I won’t steal this job name as marketing has stolen the word design to make it its own. So, even if design today has a distorted and obsolete image yes, it seems that anyone can be a designer, that it’s a fashion EU Phone Number job, a job in the pay of capitalism. A job sometimes criticized saying. That every action of a designer amounts to destroying the planet, etc. I always aspire to rehabilitate this word in my own way see my lecture on the subject . And in my eyes, being a designer is hard, it’s a lot of effort. It’s not a hobby, it’s not destroying the world, it’s not just thinking. Talking and doing nothing else is not knowingly destroying the environment, etc.

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