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Difference between a webinar and a video conference

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Difference between a webinar and a video conference

they are intended to teach an online class Event Planner Email List, which allows interaction between the participants and the person who teaches it, with time slots set aside for questions and answers. In the case of the webinars that we receive in the format of a video to reproduce, it is also a marketing strategy to position a personal brand or transfer mentoring through access to free content . Let’s go for more! 2. What are the advantages of creating a webinar There are many benefits that Webinars offers to your company or personal brand, I am going to mention some of them as an appetizer of why you should dabble in the practice of this interesting marketing strategy. In the Webinars you decide how your virtual class will be , you can choose the conditions that apply to the meeting, the topic to be discussed and absolutely everything about the environment and environment.

You can make a comprehensive meeting with people of interest to your business Event Planner Email List located anywhere on the planet, you will already assume how beneficial it is to be able to meet with clients or prospects for your company, no matter where they are. It offers you the unsurpassed dynamism of participation and live communication, giving you a separate class interactivity. One of the great benefits that webinars offer is that you can record them and then send them and keep reaching more people every day. The resources you have to invest in preparing Event Planner Email List a webinar will definitely always be less than in a face-to-face class, and I mean money, space and time. To participate in a webinar, people must provide the email, facilitating your access to them, which could mean a great advantage when sending offers and proposals to attract customers.

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Difference between a webinar and a video conference The first thing I should clarify for you is that both concepts do not mean the same thing, although you can get similarities, the truth is that the differences are truly significant. I mention three of their differences and you draw the conclusions: In video conferences eu phone number the number of participants is much lower than in webinars, which means that with the latter you can reach a massive audience of up to one hundred people and with the former the number is lower, not allowing you to reach more than twenty-five people. The webinars are totally interactive since they not only allow you to interact with the participants in real time, as video conferences do, but you can exchange files of different formats, send attachments and download them. Webinars facilitate control over the audience, becoming a powerful tool for training and virtual events.

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