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Data-driven Marketing the methodology to increasingly promote a brand in the 21st century

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Data-driven Marketing the methodology to increasingly promote a brand in the 21st century

Apart from the insights generated in each topic, the application is also responsible for optimizing its tools such as newsletters and the menstrual calendar, for example. As indicated, the resource is a two-way path and the company accumulates a large amount of Albania Phone Number List data that obviously must be used in compliance with the law , in a transparent manner and with the aim of optimizing the service. In addition, insights are powerful resources to understand new launches, put products that no longer work on standby , improve the distribution channel and serve as a guide for the development and implementation of various strategies. 4. eBooks’ After offering infographics or blog posts to the audience, Albania Phone Number List providing an ebook can be an excellent strategy. After having the first contact with a certain topic, the user is expected to develop more interest by wanting to receive content and be updated more and more on that topic. The ebook is the most suitable material to remedy the need for deepening and updating on a subject .

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Identify the appropriate content to achieve greater visibility

The interactivity is responsible for guiding the reader on issues that are most important, which has more interest or has doubts. For example, we selected the Salesforce ebook , created in conjunction with Rock Content from Ion Interactive . In this material, the company demonstrates how five IT “pioneers” lead their applications business, adding a CTA to download the entire ebook. Depending on the reader’s preferences, it is possible to choose between different sectors and understand in detail the implications of a certain business model in specific companies. One Albania Phone Number List of the companies mentioned in this ebook is AB InBev, a Belgian manufacturing company. The other sections of the ebook maintain the interactive dynamics, present attractive and visually charming content. The logic of eBooks’ follows that of other types of interactive content: contrary to creating extensive pieces (which try to embrace the world, but end up conquering few people) or a large number of very specific materials, you can segment the audience and offer solutions customized and compatible with preferences.

Why being Data Driven is essential for Marketing of the 21st century?

The data obtained by the targeting of clicks is a powerful source to understand the profile of readers, segment new content and obtain insights about the public. Such information is capable of optimizing the entire Marketing strategy of any business. Calculators In Albania Phone Number List the stages closest to the purchase, it is essential to have practical resources capable of showing the benefits of your product or service, both directly and indirectly. The calculator is one of the most efficient resources to fulfill this role . HubSpot, for example, has an ROI calculator . By using it, the user is able to discover the return on investment that a person earns when they become a customer of a company.

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