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Customer Success and Account Manager know the basic differences between the roles and processes of these professionals

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Customer Success and Account Manager know the basic differences between the roles and processes of these professionals

The Customer Success professional has specific processes and methodologies, which allow him to lead the customer to be successful in his strategy. At the same time, the Account Manager focuses more on ensuring that the client’s demands are met within the deadlines Cameroon WhatsApp Number List and with quality. Juan Andrés Corrales Feb 7, 20 | 11 min read Customer Success and Account Manager: How They Differ You don’t have to be an expert to notice that we are in the age of customer orientation . Currently, the commercialization processes are focused on satisfying the needs and solving the problems of the same. It is precisely there where two professional individuals come into play: Customer Success and Account Cameroon WhatsApp Number List Manager . For these experts, proving at all costs that the products or services of their companies are the most economical or virtuous is not a priority, but to guarantee a satisfactory customer experience . Did it surprise you?

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What does it take to be a Customer Success?

Yes, this philosophy departs a bit from the ideas of traditional advertising , which is aimed at exalting the products of the brands above all else. But what has made things change so much in recent years? Why are there now professionals specifically dedicated to the customer experience in their relationship with the company? The answer is not very complex: for today’s customer the most important thing is the sensations Cameroon WhatsApp Number List generated by interactions with brands . There are many statistics that support this thesis, and Precision Marketing Group grouped several of them in a recent work: 86% of shoppers would pay more for a product or service if they receive a better experience; the negative effect of a bad experience is twice that of a positive one; companies that prioritize customer experience generate 60% more revenue; In 2020, the customer experience will definitely exceed price and product as a key differentiator .

Ability to identify business opportunities

As you can see, Customer Success and Account Manager are specialties that have gained space within companies and Digital Marketing teams – and also traditional – as a mechanism to respond to consumers much more demanding, rational and eager for good experiences. However, this does not mean that these professionals do exactly the same and that their scope and contributions are identical. On the contrary! There are Cameroon WhatsApp Number List marked differences between Customer Success and Account Manager , which we will explore in detail. Do you think it is a good idea? Of course, first, let’s define in general terms each of these specialties. Let’s see! What does a Customer Success do? Customer success is when the customer achieves a desired result or solves their initial problem, right? So, this tells us that Customer Success (CS) is that professional who tries to guarantee that the customer, effectively, solves his problem or reaches the desired objective .

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