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Crunch Mexico responds: “It is too early to know if (the tweet) will have effects on the future of the brand”

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Crunch Mexico responds: “It is too early to know if (the tweet) will have effects on the future of the brand”

Mexico City . On November 9, the Nestlé company joined the international companies that failed in their communication strategies through social networks. The bad joke of Crunch México through its Twitter account – where they mocked the disappearances of the 43 young people from Ayotzinapa – cannot be described as a passing error, since the publication managed to channel all the indignation of civil society before the tragic events and turned it directly on the image of the brand.

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However, Mario Vera, Vice President of Communication at Nestlé Mexico, clarified that Ayotzinapa’s publication -so far- was not a bad decision by a community manager Tunisia Phone Number List or a newsjacking strategy , since the disastrous tweet is considered completely foreign to the company . In an interview for Merca2.0 magazine Vera stated: “As we have made public, the tweet published goes against Nestlé’s values ​​and is not part of the brand’s advertising strategy . We consider this tweet unacceptable and therefore it has become a very serious matter for us. ”

Regarding advertising strategies on digital platforms, the manager mentioned that Nestlé Mexico has the support of agencies in different disciplines, ranging from “market research to the communication of our products at the point of sale, through public relations , creativity and of course network management ”. Similarly, Mario Vera shared that the brand works with international agencies but also with many local agencies. Despite the multiple filters that exist on the subject of network management, the company could not confirm if there is any person responsible for the unfortunate publication.

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In that sense, the vice president of communications confirmed that the company is conducting internal investigations and resorting to the necessary instances to find the origin of the publication – a position that reflects that Nestlé continues to leave open the possibility Brother Cell Phone List that the event is an attack. cybernetic (or hacking ) towards the brand – : “This delicate matter has required the development of a deep internal investigation, since the tweet published was not authorized by the company. Additionally, we have filed a complaint with the corresponding authorities to initiate an investigation to help us clarify the facts of this unfortunate situation that has put the brand in view on social media. ”

A couple of days after the emergence of the so-called ‘boycott against Crunch’ , in which international users joined together to stop consuming the famous chocolates, it is still not clear whether there will be a direct impact on the sales volumes of this family product Nestle. In relation to this, Mario Vera commented: “It is too early to know if this will have an effect on the future of the brand , but once this matter is clarified, we will continue building Crunch.”

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