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Crowdfunding know everything about the collective financing network

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Crowdfunding know everything about the collective financing network

In this way, companies that want to experiment with a new solution, for example, must opt ​​for focus groups before launching the novelty on the market. This is because the group can offer valuable information for the acceptance of the product Norway WhatsApp Number List or service. To show the company the results – demanded by marketing managers and their entire team – regarding a new product or service, the launch must be based on data and not on beliefs or speculation. Remember that, for best results, it is essential to create a good marketing plan in advance. Even if you Norway WhatsApp Number List are the marketing manager, in this case, the conversation should be led by an experienced and trained moderator to carry it naturally and comfortably, to the point that the participants express their opinions on all the topics addressed. An important point: focus groups cannot be confused with interviews .

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For these reach their goal, the moderator uses a guide prepared to gather general impressions of the participants regarding the brand and the products of the company. Therefore, in the case of marketing, the ideal is also to select different profiles of participants, but that show similar purchasing behavior. In these cases, including members of your team or collaborators of the company is not a good idea, as they Norway WhatsApp Number List can influence the result and the opinions of the other participants. Considering this aspect, it is best to bring clients or leads to participate in the group. If employees wish to participate, they can do so as observers. Traditional focus groups provide accurate information, apart, they are considered a cheaper investment when compared to the alternative of hiring a company to carry out market research.

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We know that hiring a moderator requires an expressive use of resources, but it should be noted that the return on that investment should be much more profitable. This is because the launch of the product or service will be based on the customer’s consumption perspective . Thus, your responses will be the key to success. If you choose to do a face-to-face focus group, it is necessary to put in the budget the values ​​referring to Norway WhatsApp Number List the travel and stay of the participants. Currently, it is possible to choose the remote mode and do dialogues over Skype or Hangouts, especially when the objective is to experience the new products produced by marketing. The results can be surprising! Now that you understand how to organize and run a focus group, you can deepen your knowledge by learning how to structure an excellent marketing team with this comprehensive e-book.

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