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Content marketing or content production: understand why they are not the same in Marketing

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Content marketing or content production: understand why they are not the same in Marketing

Tutorials on the management and use of the software that you sell This type of strategy, as you may have guessed, is bottom of the funnel. That is, the customer has passed the stage of attraction and consideration of your brand, products and services, Australia WhatsApp Number List which means that they are ready to learn the direct benefits and use of your offer. If you weren’t applying this, don’t worry, ignoring the benefits and reach of audio and video today is something many brands still do. But, we can tell you something, they are losing money. Digital Marketing experts have been saying it for years, blog and whitepaper content are good strategies, but they are no longer enough. Integrating these strategies with experimenting Australia WhatsApp Number List with new formats is key to attracting new audiences and gaining authority. When a user enters your site or your blog, they should find materials that teach them how your products or services can help them change their experience or solve a pain or problem .

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Why just producing content is not enough in 2020

This, from a personal and professional point of view. Today’s audience needs to know the why, how, and when your offer is relevant to them, which leads to more objective decision making . Let’s go with an example. Your Buyer Personas require that you constantly educate and instruct them through content. Information to master your products and services as tutorials, on channels like YouTube, Facebook or your blog, Australia WhatsApp Number List will help them understand the value of what they bought. In addition, since technology is synonymous with evolution, you must guide your audience with publications that teach them to take advantage of the benefits of your catalog. 3. Interactive content to simulate the experience Now, as part of the intentions to provide your audience with Smart Contents , that is, content that best suits the phase of the funnel where they are, personalization is a crucial part of Content Marketing for technology companies.

The strategic nature of Content Marketing

The interactive content , are an innovative way to generate engagement and cause the interaction with your brand. These types of materials, unlike blog posts, are more creative, visual and optimized to drive conversion. These are some channels that you can take advantage Australia WhatsApp Number List of for this strategy: Interactive videos For example, interactive 360 ° videos , available on Facebook or those that require a command such as on YouTube or Netflix, offer a little more connection with the audience by allowing them to “exploit” the content more thoroughly and feel active participants. in its construction process. Quizzes or surveys Portals like BuzzFeed have harnessed the power of interactive content to form audiences and strengthen their authority.

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