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Complete guide to WordPress what it is, what it is for and its main secrets revealed

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Complete guide to WordPress what it is, what it is for and its main secrets revealed

Set your goals A common mistake in Marketing is wanting to start a new strategy without even aligning it with business goals. In Data Driven this is the same as wanting to collect all the data without being clear about what you want it for and how you can Bahamas Phone Numbers List use it. An approach that can guide you to know what data you need is the OKR methodology . It is about defining an objective and a series of parameters (Key Results) that will tell you how close you are to achieving it through the use of KPIs . Let’s see it in the following example: Objective : increase ecommerce sales by 20% for the next quarter. Key Results: increase ecommerce visits by 50%. KPI: number of unique visitors. Increase the number of leads by 25%. KPI: conversion rate . Reduce the rate of abandoned carts by 20%. KPI: abandoned cart rate. Do you already have any idea of ​​what the data that Bahamas Phone Numbers List we have to collect to plan a strategy could be? We will give you the answer right away. 2. Define the relevant data and how you are going to collect it Taking into account your OKRs, you must now determine which data is important to your business.

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In our previous example some of this data can be: consumer habits and behaviors (time spent on the website, most visited content, entry and exit pages, among others); demographic data of prospects and clients (age, gender, place of residence, profession, family status, income, among others); opinions of your consumers regarding your products or the operation of ecommerce in general (product pages, Bahamas Phone Numbers List payment gateways, customer service , among others). Next, you will have to define what your sources of information will be. In Data Driven, any point of interaction is a valuable source of data. For example: Marketing Automation platforms (ex: chatbots, Email Marketing tools, CRMs, among others), surveys after a purchase, social listening in social networks.

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Prepare and train your team We are almost done, but before starting the measurement, it is crucial that all your collaborators have analytical skills and knowledge . Remember that the idea of ​​having the data is to extract truthful and relevant orientations to guide the strategy! For this, training in Big Data, Marketing tools and analytical thinking are essential in a Data Driven Marketing strategy. You can also Bahamas Phone Numbers List encourage collaboration between teams to get more out of your data. For example, what if Marketing meets with IT , Sales, or Operations to share ideas and impressions? 4. Configure your data collection and analysis tools Now, you already know what your objectives are, the relevant data for your business and the information sources that you will use.

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