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Complete guide to WordPress Hosting how to choose the best service to host your website in this CMS

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Complete guide to WordPress Hosting how to choose the best service to host your website in this CMS

What are the main SMO techniques? What is SMO? SMO is the acronym for Social Media Optimization, in Spanish translation it would be something like: Optimization for Social Media. Using specific techniques, the idea is to use social media as a catalyst to Egypt WhatsApp Number List grow and consolidate your brand’s online presence . To understand what SMO is, we must take into account the unprecedented growth that social media has shown in recent years. Networks like Instagram , for example, where 80% of profiles follow at least one brand account, increasingly attract investment from companies that see their potential. As such, these channels are becoming central to Content Marketing strategies around the world, Egypt WhatsApp Number List which has a side effect. That’s because the volume of content production has reached stratospheric levels, making it difficult to write original and truly relevant posts for the buyer persona .

Egypt WhatsApp Number List

What are the main features of WordPress?

The bottom line is that with this growing wave of companies investing in social media, Google has adapted its algorithm to consider page engagement as a ranking factor. This means that, in addition to the classic SEO techniques, it has become necessary to produce content that gets more “likes” and is more shared than your competition. For this, the SMO was developed. Why invest in SMO? A few years ago it Egypt WhatsApp Number List was easy to see the difference between marketing focused on search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted marketing for social media (SMO). This line is almost non-existent today. The two strategies are not only allied, but essentially complementary. Therefore, the first reason to apply SMO techniques is their importance for the SEO approach. This is made even clearer in this study , which found that 50% of companies that do not have good results with SEO do not integrate both strategies.

What is WordPress and why is it so popular?

Let’s imagine that your company has a high level of engagement on Twitter . Although this does not guarantee a good ranking in Google, adding it to a good SEO strategy will improve the results obtained. In other words, a balance between SEO and SMO is critical to the success of your Internet Marketing strategy . Next, let’s go deeper and detail the benefits that an investment in SMO can bring to your business. Continue Egypt WhatsApp Number List reading! Total cost reduction in social media marketing Today, any budget that addresses a company’s marketing and advertising efforts must have a separate part for use on social media. After all, the advertising platforms offered by channels such as Facebook and Instagram, although they are paid, allow efficient campaigns to be launched. It turns out that this efficiency is only possible from studies related to consumer behavior , demographics, and interests.

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