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CNMD2014 What matters is what your brand does, not what it says

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CNMD2014 What matters is what your brand does, not what it says

Mexico.- The relationship between consumers and brands has changed dramatically thanks to technology. Today each brand faces new challenges and opportunities to connect with the consumer and what it does is more important than what it says , as Matías Perel pointed out at the 2014 National Digital Marketing Congress.

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In his participation in the 2014 National Digital Marketing Congress , with his conference “The evolution from storytelling to storydoing ”, Matías Perel , from the Turkey Phone Number List Latin3 digital agency , said that the world changed and so did advertising now that we live in an interconnected world.

Brands have to think about what is happening with the consumer , who thanks to technology and social networks can make themselves heard . “The creatives are the consumers,” said Perel in his conference at the third National Congress of Digital Marketing 2014.

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Perel showed a series of examples to show that what matters for the consumer today is what brands do , not what they say. He added that brand actions should inspire consumers. There is a difference between what your brand wants to say and what consumers want to hear and that is the key to moving from storytelling to storydoing, ”said Perel.

Matías Perel is the founder of the digital agency Latin3, which Brother Cell Phone List has a presence in Mexico, Latin America and the US Hispanic market. The 2014 National Digital Marketing Congress , organized by Merca2.0, takes place in Mexico City this Wednesday and Thursday.

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