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CNMD2014 What are the key elements for eCommerce?

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CNMD2014 What are the key elements for eCommerce?

México, DF.- Online commerce in Mexico has grown in recent years, largely due to the emergence of new options that mainly offer security in financial transactions, both for consumers and companies.

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Jesús Padilla , Head of Marketing at PayPal, was one Taiwan Phone Number List of the participants in the National Congress of Digital Marketing (# CNMD2014), during his presentation entitled “Mobile Commerce: Key elements that you must master to sell online, explained what are the requirements that all company that dabbles in online sales must comply.

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Among the points that Jesús Padilla referred to in his presentation, he highlights the need for companies to be able to strengthen a close relationship, beyond a business Brother Cell Phone List agreement, with customers, make them feel part of it and that although everything is done through technological equipment gain understanding and empathy.

Padilla stressed that PayPal has been a fundamental part of the promotion and development of electronic commerce in Mexico, by supporting large companies to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who are beginning to approach digital options to achieve greater sales.

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