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CNMD2014 The power of emotional connections

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CNMD2014 The power of emotional connections

One of the fundamental premises for brands is to achieve emotional connections with their consumers, Alex Corona spoke about this at # CNMD2014. México, DF.- Marketing Russia Phone Number List has a mission today, to generate emotional connections that are strategic at the same time. Provoking happy, sad or angry feelings in the audience is useless if it does not fulfill a goal beyond communicating an idea.

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Alex Corona, Aspel’s marketing director, detailed in his participation in the National Congress of Digital Marketing (# CNMD2014), with the presentation The power of emotional connections, what are the tasks that brands have regarding the matters of innovation and provoke reactions based on feelings, and not on rationality as it was a few decades ago, in consumers.

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The marketing expert said that due to the current characteristics of the market, all people, whatever their trade or profession, are required to be creative, with ideas to Brother Cell Phone List innovate. One of the tools to achieve this, he said, may be videos that generate stories and conversations. For Alex Corona, creativity stands out when two ideas that have nothing to do with each other are interconnected, while a next step is innovation, which is defined as results-oriented creativity.

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