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City design and resilience

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City design and resilience

Several months ago, the students of the Master in Innovation. Management in Grenoble invited me to speak about their event entitled Innovation Mondays. This cycle of conferences is devoted to innovation through uses, such as the human and social sciences. The objective is simple to understand certain major contemporary issues based on research work or public interventions. So I lent myself to the game. Moreover, at the start, the preparatory question. I was asked was How does design contribute to a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive city.

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Personally, I do not believe it. It would be a bit long to develop here, but by mobilizing the various subjects in environmental philosophy that I can read. I have concluded that the contemporary city is not compatible with the sustainability of biodiversity photo background removing and therefore a sustainable life. Design will be powerless against this anyway. In short, after a few exchanges, the students reformulated their question as follows. Can design contribute to a resilient, sustainable and inclusive city . I preferred to discuss this subject with them. The intervention was captured online, so I place it for you below. I also had the right to a paper.

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I also put it below, as well as the slides of my intervention. City design and resilience In the end, in this exchange. I tried to have as much a theoretical approach EU Phone Number as a practical and concrete approach. I also stayed in the territory that is mine my unique approach to design. The time being very limited, I sometimes had to go a little fast, but the point seems to have been understood Mom I’m in the newspaper On the sidelines of this intervention. I was able to discuss with AnneElisabeth BozonVerduraz who interviewed me for the Dauphiné Libéré. minutes of discussions summarized in a few signs, a real challenge.

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