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Check out 4 project management software to optimize your team’s tasks

This analysis bases its results on technical characteristics , such as keyword optimization , number of links, friendly URLs, etc., and usability characteristics , such as content format, page load time, if it has a responsive design , among others. UX ( User Experience ) The UX carries its actions centralized in the user . Everything revolves around the experience that people have when interacting with a product, service or Japan WhatsApp Number List brand . How do users react when going through a certain experience? How can it be improved to make it more enjoyable? These are the main questions that discipline has the effect of answering. Through UX, companies seek to solve the problems of their users through a functional interface and, at the same time, attractive in terms of accessibility, design and content. Why do SEO and UX come together in a web positioning strategy?

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If something has become very evident in SEO today, it is that it is not about technology, but about people. Professionals in the area have perceived that, gradually, search engines looked up at the behavior of users to understand what really provides them value, worrying about offering their readers the best possible experience. Thus, the algorithms that track websites began to take into account metrics that are directly related to user experience, such as: loading speed; time spent on the page; rejection or bounce rate; CTR (impression to click ratio). These numbers, based on user Japan WhatsApp Number List behavior, translate whether people are finding what they are looking for and whether what they find is easy and enjoyable to consume. In a practical example: if a user effortlessly navigates between the pages of your website, interacts with your links, takes actions and stays on the site for a long time, the artificial intelligence of search engines understands that you offer a good user experience and favors your ranking, giving you higher positions.

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The 7 facets of the user experience in SEO In order for you to understand the relationship between the two terms more precisely, I have brought a well-known concept within the UX and developed by Peter Morville, president of Semantic Studios. According to Morville, for a good user experience to be provided, 7 components are necessary, which can be applied in the optimization of a website. Are they: Useful : the Japan WhatsApp Number List content of a web page should serve someone. Usable : the page must be easy to use and deliver what the user expects. Desirable : the website must present elements (images, identity, brand, sounds, animations) that are visually attractive and that encourage action, a factor closely related to the UI ( User Interface ).

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