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Big Data is changing marketing and marketers # CNMD2014

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Big Data is changing marketing and marketers # CNMD2014

Mexico.- The big issue of Big Data is knowing how to ask the right question after collecting and analyzing the large amounts of information that can currently be obtained from consumers and it is also changing the profile of marketers , so said Charles Chaumonton, vice president of Pepsico marketing, during # CNMD2014 .

In his conference Big Data: Key generator of consumer experiences, within the third National Congress of Digital Marketing , Charles Chamouton spoke about the Singapore Phone Number List advantages offered by the collection and organization of data for marketing. Chamouton told attendees that the profile of marketers has changed dramatically thanks to Big Data and those currently studying marketing will face challenges that did not exist before. He noted that currently you have to connect with people in microseconds and the challenge is to communicate relevant content in a short time.

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The Pepsico México executive explained the importance of social listening and the analysis of the content generated by users. He said that you have to be aware of the issues that consumers relate to brands on social networks. In the case of his company, Chamouton indicated that they have the ability to obtain information in real time, such as the demographics of the people who visit the brand’s Brother Cell Phone List site. You can know the peak hours when people talk about the product. Which offers important data to develop strategies and content.

Regarding the future, he added that thanks to Big Data we will all have a digital profile . Which will allow to send targeted content according to that profile, context, time, place, etc. Charles Chamounton is vice president of marketing for Pepsico México , responsible for brands such as Sabritas, Ruffles, Cheetos, Emperador, Marías Gamesa, Sonric’s, Quaker, among others.

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