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Angélica Rivera’s ‘telenovela’ reaches the international media

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Angélica Rivera’s ‘telenovela’ reaches the international media

International . Today, the statements of the first lady of Mexico, Angélica Rivera , became an international trend on digital platforms. As a result of the investigation initiated by the Carmen Aristegui portal, a new wave of incongruities and scandals turned on the – already diminished – presidential image. The house in Sierra Gorda, came to worsen the image crisis of the Mexican government on the international scene – which positions the leaders of the nation as responsible for the avalanche of insecurity, inefficiency and impunity that continues to grow with the passing days- .

Below we present what 5 international media are reporting regarding the case of ” La Casa Blanca de las Lomas “:

Latin Times

“Later, Rivera released a 7-minute video in which he explained (in a melodramatic way), how he saved, after 25 years of working with the Televisa network and the conclusion of” numerous contracts “with it, the money to acquire the mansion, which will be Bolivia Phone Number List paid in full within 8 years, with an interest rate of 9 percent. “After the accusations that have questioned my honor, I want to tell you that I have nothing to hide; I have worked all my life and thanks to the fact that I am an independent woman who has been able to build an honest heritage through hard work “

The Guardian

“The website of journalist Carmen Aristegui was the first to report that the personal home of the president and the first lady was registered in the name of Ingeniería Inmobiliaria del Centro, a subsidiary of Grupo Higa, a key government contractor. The report estimates the home’s value at $ 7 million (4 million pounds). Days before the story came to light, the Peña Nieto government canceled a rail contract for a high-speed train that had been awarded to a single bidder, a consortium that included Constructora Teya, another Grupo Higa company. “

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“Over the past six weeks, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has gone from being internationally acclaimed for his audacious economic reform to plunging into one of the worst crises the country has faced in recent times. The disappearance of 43 students and the mishandling of the case have raised doubts about their ability to govern the country. Now reports of a $ 7 million luxury home owned by Mexico’s first lady have the potential to devastate the president’s credibility.

Peña Nieto not only married a rising Televisa star, as critics say he used his good looks and charm – and that of his new wife – to win popular support among the poorest sectors of the population during his aggressive campaign. media by Televisa. The company that controls about 70 percent of the Mexican open television market and is also the main satellite and cable television operator in Mexico, which denies any link in the rapid rise of Peña Nieto, who went from being a political figure of less importance to the top leader Mexico. “

NY Times

“In a recorded statement, the first lady of Mexico, Angélica Rivera, a former soap opera star, described how she financed the purchase of the house. She said she earned $ 10 million in 2010, the year her contract with the Mexican television network Televisa ended, more than double what she agreed to pay for the property two years later.

“I no longer want this to continue to be a pretext to Brother Cell Phone List offend and defame my family,” Ms. Rivera said in her statement, which was broadcast for the first time on the Televisa nightly newscast. “Today, I am here to defend my integrity, that of my children and my husband.”

Financial times

“In 2010, Rivera said that he declared 131.7 million pesos in income and paid 39.3 million pesos in taxes. This level of income prompted sharp comments on Twitter, which indicated that it was more lucrative to work for Televisa than in Hollywood.

Ms. Rivera, who says she also owns an apartment in Miami and one in Mexico that she bought for her mother, said she began looking for land in 2009 to build another house. He acknowledged having met Juan Armando Hinojosa, the owner of Ingeniería Inmobiliaria del Centro, who built and still owns the private residence of the presidential couple in Sierra Gorda. Grupo Higa, owned by Hinojosa, owns Constructora Teya, which was part of the new train project. It was agreed that one of the companies would be in charge of buying a piece of land and building a house to the taste and choice of the architect, said Mrs. Rivera. “

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