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An idea generator for the Pass Culture

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An idea generator for the Pass Culture

Quickly answer this question no. But let’s take the time to develop. For a few years now, a small part of the microcosm of European design and. French design which I know a little bit better has noticed that there is something wrong with the design. The others continue to mass produce without thinking. To understand this, I invite you to watch this Arte documentary released in. April which presents a vision of contemporary design. Looking at it, we see that the projects presented are mostly works of contemporary art and not design. For the rest, these are mainly conceptual productions aimed at an elite, often already in touch with the world of design.

Does the design have a problem

The objective of these projects presented is often hidden but make no mistake, it is about making money. Many if possible, This small part of designers who notice that things are not going well, observe in particular the consequences and causes image manipulation service of global warming, the extinction of living species on earth, growing precariousness, neoliberalism, surveillance capitalism, etc. And the causes are many, you know. Little by little, we realize that a major part of contemporary production work placed under the word design contributes, in its own way, to different forms of environmental, social, economic, etc. Is design a problem Faced with this bitter observation.

image manipulation service

Well then, should we stop designing

I sometimes hear and read comments that say that to be a good designer or to be an ethical designer reminder that doesn’t exist you should stop doing design. You would have to be an abstinent designer. Thus, by becoming a designer who no EU Phone Number longer creates, but who comments, who criticizes and who distributes good points and red cards, one could finally boast of being a good designer since one would not have to footprint carbon on the world. Easy right If we push this logic of the obvious. This would mark the end of the designer who creates forms of design objects, interfaces, images, tools, services, etc. and this would position him as a repentant being, who has understood something that the other designers haven’t understood since they continue to design.

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