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Advertising on TikTok: Complete guide to advertise on this social network

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Advertising on TikTok: Complete guide to advertise on this social network

Say the first thing that comes to mind after reading this: TikTok [1 second to reply Belgium Business Phone List, 2 seconds, 3 seconds] . If your answer has been “watch”, “Ke $ ha” or something that does not begin with “the social network …”, I am sorry to tell you that you have grown older. It is the favorite app of Generation Z , the social network that will help you understand it and, oh miracle, reach it with your brand (if it is for her, of course). Since January there is also advertising on TikTok and we are not to waste time. If it sounds like Chinese to you, at least you are heading where it comes from, as it originates from the Chinese company Bytedance Technology . It was launched in 2016 under the name Douyin , which means something like “shake the music.” In 2017 Bytedance bought the American social network Musical.ly and, from the merger, TikTok emerged. We could say that it is a mixture of Vine, Snapchat and Instagram stories . Here users can upload videos of between 3 and 15 seconds (or combine videos of stories of up to 1 minute) and then edit them with the multiple options offered by the app itself . At first, the vast majority of publications were music videos where users lip- synched or showed their choreography. But now we can find a variety of themes that explain the continuous growth of the platform and the interest of brands to gain a foothold: sport Belgium Business Phone List, beauty, art or humor are some of the most exploited. What has not changed is the profile of the users: the majority are young people between 13 and 19 years old (20%) and between 20 and 24 years old (32%) . For them, this social network is a new way of communicating through creativity. In addition, driven by daily challenges that motivate them to publish content and give gifts to the best creators, many are already considered influencers on the platform.

Yes, you read that correctly: give gifts. Another feature (and peculiarities, because OJITO) of the app is that users can buy coins that are exchanged in the form of gifts for their favorite TikTokers . Coins can be purchased in packs of 100 to 10,000 and range from € 1.09 to € 104.99. The gift becomes a “diamond” on the recipient’s profile, giving them popularity and real money, if desired, upon reaching US $ 100 in diamonds. The percentage that TikTok takes from these purchases is not very clear, as it was their only income until the introduction of the ads. But what we do know is that it is a success. In just one year they have increased user investment by 588%, according to Sensor Tower . Belgium Business Phone List Brands are delighted with TikTok ads (the ones that have arrived and the ones that fit the channel, because it is clearly not for all audiences) and it is not surprising. In the first place, because it is a safe and simple way to reach Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010, approximately), who were being begged on other social networks. And, in addition, brands can do it with different, interactive and entertaining formats for the user. The second reason brands are drawn to TikTok is the unstoppable growth of the social network. In the last quarter of 2018, it already exceeded Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat in number of downloads. In February 2019 it exceeded 1,000 million and in July it became the most downloaded app in the world in the Apple Store. As the Sisters of the Baptistery would say, who is not going to like it !? Some examples of how advertising on TikTok is a great opportunity for brands are: the campaign that Guess launched in September 2018, where it challenged users to upload their creations under the hashtag #InMyDenim through Belgium Business Phone List influencers, or the contest of #BigMacTikTok choreographies by McDonald’s Malaysia. Types of TikTok ads and influencer marketing Beyond being present on TikTok, brands have advertising options that go hand in hand with the channel’s codes. To understand each other, we can divide it into two large groups: lifelong ads , like those we see in advertising on other social networks , and influencer marketing , which is used mainly in the dissemination of brand hashtags . Brand takeover or acquisition announcement It was the first format that appeared on the social network, in January 2019. It appears instantly when you open the app for the first time. Full screen ad .

It can be static or animated and you can direct the user to another site in the app or to an external link. At the moment, the daily number of advertisers is limited to one per country. The metrics available to know the performance of this type of ad are: impressions, clicks and unique reach. The price of these, according to Adweek , could be between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000. This type of advertising can also be managed independently by the brand, organically or through influencers. But these TikTok ads are also offered as an ad format. It consists of challenging users to upload content through the use of a hashtag in order to make it viral and gain visibility. If the hashtag is sponsored, you will have a unique banner within the ” discover ” tab , which will lead to a challenge page with instructions and the content posted with that hashtag . Videos are sometimes part of a native ad or branding ad package (which we will see below). The metrics that TikTok offers us here are: banner views and clicks, hashtag page views , number of videos generated, views of the videos, video engagement and uses of the proposed music (if any) . According to Adweek, an anonymous buyer claimed that they were sold at a flat rate of $ 150,000 for six days. These ads can be configured by dynamic bids and according to advertising spaces. The bid can only be set manually and we have three ways: CPC (cost per click), CMP (cost per thousand impressions) and CPV (cost per view). For now, they can be segmented by geographic location, age and gender  eu phonen umber, but TikTok has promised that interest targeting will also be available soon. The metrics for these types of ads are: impressions, clicks, CTR, total views, watch time (more than three seconds, 10 seconds and completion), average watch time and interactions. It is the most affordable type of ad, as there is no minimum advertising investment. Branded lenses It’s kind of like Snapchat and Instagram sponsored filters . Considering the high participation and involvement of TikTok users, it could be a fantastic option. However, at the moment we do not have much more information about how it works and how much it costs. If you’ve made it this far, I hope it has at least served to make you feel a little more cool after knowing what the TikTok advertising is about. If, in addition to this, you have wanted to download and try it, share it on social networks, tell us in the comments and we gossip together, and listen to this podcast about advertising on other social networks to find out where to invest your money.

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