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Advertising on Instagram Ads: Guide to succeed with your ads

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Advertising on Instagram Ads: Guide to succeed with your ads

Go on, stop crying. We already know that its algorithm has a mania for you China Business Phone List, that your engagement is going deeper than Tom and Melyssa’s relationship and that organic reach is neither there nor expected. So, do we play by Zuckerberg’s rules and finally jump into advertising on Instagram? With a potential audience of more than 1,000 million active users per month, we believe that, if you are a company, having an advertising strategy is, at best, to think about it. And if we still have to convince you a little more of the need to campaign on social networks, what you have to do is listen to this podcast to clear up your doubts. Already? Have you heard it? Well, we continue. If you have decided once and for all to promote your brand or product on Instagram, the first thing you must define are the objectives that you will pursue with your ads . We will not create the same type of campaign if we are a new brand of handmade necklaces and we want to make ourselves known that if our company has been established in the market for years and what we want is to boost sales. In the first levels of our funnel you will find campaigns with China Business Phone List awareness objectives ( awareness in English, which seems to be more cool ). With these objectives we will try to fight, above all, for scope. At a next level , we find the Instagram Ads campaigns with the objective of consideration . Wow, prestige, so we can understand each other . Under this objective, the ads are intended to provide the user with information about your brand or product. And in the more advanced stages of our funnel we will establish conversion goals .

Here, yes, what we want with our ads will be the sale of our product or service. When creating our campaign we will also have to define the place where we want them to be displayed. We can choose between different locations : Ads in feed As if it were a normal post (although with the indication of “advertising” , of course ), our ad will be displayed on the user’s timeline . Ads in stories Every 4 or 5 stories users will get advertising on Instagram Stories and that ad could be ours China Business Phone List. Ads in the “Explore” section One of the latest changes introduced by the platform is the ads in this location. Thanks to them, in the “Explore” section we will be able to reach users who want to find new accounts and content . Advertising formats on Instagram In terms of formats, we also found many different options to explore which one works best depending on our objectives and the location we have decided for our campaign on Instagram. Picture Photos are undoubtedly the queens of content on this social network. And, of course, they are a very powerful format for our ads. Video The visual power of photos augmented with music and movement . The videos of up to 2 minutes are another option of advertising formats for our promotions on Instagram. Carousel Sequence or carousel ads are one of the formats that work best organically. We can add different photos and videos China Business Phone List , which makes sequence ads a super powerful option for our campaigns. Stories Voucher. We have chosen Stories as the location for our ads . Well, of course, we will have to adapt the creatives to this format .

Collection If we have a product catalog uploaded to our Facebook and we want to show them in paid advertising on Instagram, collection ads are, yes or yes, the most complete way to do it. Tips for promoting your ads We have already told you about the different options you have in terms of objectives, locations and formats to create your Instagram Ads campaigns. But, of course, launching the campaign correctly is not enough to ensure the success of our advertising. So we are going to give you some tips so that your ads hit it . Use hashtags Yes, in the ads you can also put hashtags and it is, in fact, even recommended. Don’t you think it can be a good way to publicize your own hashtag ? Take care of your copy Seriously, take good care of it. Ok, a spectacular image can attract attention , but if the accompanying text is not up to par, it can throw our entire campaign to the ground. The key? The persuasion eu phonen umber , my friend . Segments You know perfectly what the target audience is for your product , right? Well, try to define the audience of your ad just as well thanks to segmentation. Choose your CTA well The call to action you use for your ad should be clear, concise and, of course, relevant . Capito? And so far the masterclass on advertising on Instagram. So now you know, if you have any suggestions or complaints … Write us a comment! Because if you still have doubts about whether or not it is necessary to invest in this social network, the best thing you can do is listen to the 2 × 10 episode of our Paradisers podcast.

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