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Accountability the ability to take responsibility and its importance in companies

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Accountability the ability to take responsibility and its importance in companies

Findable : Simply put, this is the goal of SEO – to make users find you simply and conveniently. Accessible : the site must be accessible to all users, regardless of their conditions. Valuable : the content developed on a website must offer value for users. Credible : the website Jordan WhatsApp Number List must convey authority on the subject so that users trust the content developed. What are the benefits of delivering good UX? If you have come this far, you are already clear that user experience is directly related to search engine positioning, however, this is not the only benefit provided by User Experience . The positive interaction of users with your website will give them a feeling of satisfaction that will improve the public’s Jordan WhatsApp Number List perception of your brand . In addition, when we talk about online businesses, sales are constituted in another segment that enjoys the advantages of UX, since good usability has a direct impact on the conversion rate .

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Three key factors for accountability

In the long term, the user experience provides a cost reduction with customer service , since visitors will be able to access the information and fulfill their objective in an easy and intuitive way, without the need to consult help services . What SEO and UX glitches should you avoid on your website? To avoid making some basic mistakes, I listed the main ones that you should know so that you do not harm the creation Jordan WhatsApp Number List of your website from the beginning. Don’t think like your user This error is usually the most common during the creation of a website. Keep in mind: the website you are developing is not for you, but for your business audience . They are the ones who dictate how you should present the information and content of your page according to their preferences and browsing behaviors. In order for you to understand your user, you must first know who is really interested in what you offer. “Who do we design for?” Should be your key question.

How to establish Accountability?

Using buyer persona creation techniques will help you answer it. An example of a website that did not give the user prominence is RyanAir, which hides the “I don’t want travel insurance” button on its ticket reservation page in a difficult place to find. Create your website without responsive design Just look around for a few minutes to understand the importance of adaptive design. People are continuously online. The ease Jordan WhatsApp Number List of accessing the web via mobile has transformed this resource into the main connection element. According to Adobe, on average, users open their mobile every 5.6 minutes during the day . What if these people tried to enter your page and could not see it? A research Think With Google , it has shown that 52% of users are less likely to interact with a company that has a responsive design .

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