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7 precise strategies to increase the CTR of your results in Google and generate more traffic

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7 precise strategies to increase the CTR of your results in Google and generate more traffic

Rather than keeping solution consultants static and unalterable experiences on the web, Dell is free to test designs, copies, images, and customization ways to help increase engagement and conversion rates with consultants. interactive. Joseph Moken, Dell’s Senior Thailand Phone Number List Digital Marketing Manager, explains: “You cannot be afraid of failure. There are many different ways to interact with your customers. Online testing, relying on data, and always optimizing are ways to improve your website and make the customer experience the best it can be. You need to know her intimately and not be afraid to challenge what works, even if it works well. Never stop wondering how you can improve the experience. The Thailand Phone Number List results From these actions focused on landing pages and the creation of interactive virtual consultancies, Dell saw rapid growth in its conversion metrics, as well as many other benefits. We will talk about them below! Better use of time The build and optimize process that Dell took six to eight weeks to complete now takes two to four days with ion.

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strategies to improve the CTR of your ads in Google Ads

Conversion elevation Using the ion platform to advance testing and optimize its pages for lead generation, Dell found that basic contact forms increased by 50%, and their landing pages saw increases of up to 300%. Needless to say, Dell’s other divisions have joined as well, and the ion platform is now being embraced by various sectors of the company. Increase in sales opportunities According to Josh Mueller, Senior Manager of Thailand Phone Number List Commercial Digital Marketing at Dell: “The ion platform was a key enabler for our online lead generation strategy, resulting in a 10-fold increase in opportunities for our sales team over a two-year period.” Most relevant dialogues The data collected by the platform enriches the Dell sales consultant with insights on the prospects , which, in turn, allows them to have a more relevant and personalized conversation with the generated leads.

Why is it so important to increase the CTR of your pages in Google?

Alignment between marketing and sales This data also ensures strong cohesion between the sales and marketing teams , and the marketing team conveys valuable information about leads to the sales team, helping them do their jobs more efficiently. When a visitor concludes their contact with the interactive consultant, the sales team receives the evaluation and it is loaded directly into the sales CRM to give Thailand Phone Number List  continuous access to the lead information. The future of Dell’s interactive strategy Regarding testing, in the coming quarters Dell will work with smaller forms to adjust various page templates on its websites, which will also be tested in markets where the integrated forms did not work. They will also follow up on research on ways to merge interactive content into future projects as a way to improve the user experience .

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