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6 viable possibilities of Digital Marketing in times of crisis

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6 viable possibilities of Digital Marketing in times of crisis

By combining these two factors, we achieve the privileged positioning in the SERP that you see in the screenshot. Optimization for local keywords Although they refer to the same concept, the words “Marketing”, “Mercadotecnia” and “Mercader” are used with different degrees of intensity in some Spanish-speaking countries. If we transfer it to the SEO universe, we will see that there are a lot of variations of each of these Hungary Phone Number List keywords that will only be relevant locally. We explore this feature in this blog, trying to produce content for terms that are used much more in Mexico, Colombia or other countries. In this way we generate value for our local audience, resulting in new organic traffic for the blog and more opportunities to communicate with this national market. Check the traffic that all these pages that are broken down from the keyword «marketing» and that we produced for the public in Mexico, which uses it constantly in the corporate world.

Hungary Phone Number List

Different entry doors for potential customers

There were more than 200 thousand sessions in February with these articles alone! We surely would not have reached this number if we did not have a perspective of being the best we can be for each country that is part of our regional audience. High-authority backlinks in each national market A website that receives high-quality links from various websites is halfway to the top of Google. Even better if Hungary Phone Number List these backlinks come from very strong domains in a specific market, such as a country. To achieve this, a great alternative is to look for content portals that open their publication spaces to invited authors. In this attempt we come across portals such as Gestiopolis, a news aggregator that receives a lot of traffic in Colombia and addresses issues related to business management.

Why invest in Digital Marketing in times of crisis?

By publishing content there and on other websites, from an intense search in the digital medium, we significantly increase our number of qualified backlinks. Here it is worth noting that it is not convenient for us to receive links from websites that send Hungary Phone Number List spam, because this can cause penalties in Google. So before capturing a new external link, you have to check well if the website has credibility. You will see that the growth curve of the number of domains that send links to our blog is quite similar to that of the increase in sessions that we had until February. This shows the importance of backlinks in web positioning to generate a greater organic presence.

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