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5 steps to create your online store quickly and easily

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5 steps to create your online store quickly and easily

Balance between Head Tails and Long Tails According to data collected by Brian Dean of SERP clicks on Google are earned by the first three results on the page. Taking that into account, it would be great to rank in the TOP 3 for highly requested keywords like “Marketing”, “Advertising” or “Sales”, right? No one could complain about such a result. But as you can imagine there are too many websites trying to compete for Guatemala Phone Numbers List those terms, which makes it super difficult to conquer them, although not impossible. These big men are known as head tails, which have high competition and low specification level. Someone searching for “Sales” may want to find a lot of factors related to the topic, it is not so easy to identify their intention first. Instead there is another category of terms, which have a lower volume of searches but indicate a higher user rating. We call these ” long tails “. For example, the keyword “Contract Content Marketing Strategy” has 20 searches per month in Mexico, so it wouldn’t bring us a massive amount of traffic.

Guatemala Phone Numbers List

Choose the perfect product and supplier

But it is quite convenient for us to be in the first position for the term, then we take it into account to produce content. That is why in our experience the balance between these two types of terms has worked well. Our content on Marketing is in the first position in Mexico for this keyword, as you can see: And the traffic that it generated in February is very significant, since it receives more than 40 thousand monthly Guatemala Phone Numbers List searches in the country: On the other hand, the keyword «Interactive Marketing» has only 320 searches on Google in Mexico, as the SEMRush tool informs us . But it is super important for us to position ourselves well for it, since one of our products ( Ion Interactive ) is directly linked to the term. And our content on the subject is bringing us a very good number of sessions!

Choose a market niche

Increased performance of content already produced Another field in which keyword research is much needed is content updates. When we have to decide what changes we are going to make on each page, one of the goals is to make this material rank well in Google for more keywords. Take as an example our article on “Types of Software”, which today occupies the featured fragment in the SERP Guatemala Phone Numbers List of Mexico. At first this article had information on each type of software and nothing else. When we wanted to update the article, we did some research in SEMRush to discover new keywords that we could add to it. And we realized that in each type of software there was a good volume of monthly searches for the types that were broken down (1300, 880 and 590).

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