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5 reasons why Kim Kardashian is the queen of marketing

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5 reasons why Kim Kardashian is the queen of marketing

Mexico.- Kim Kardashian is a woman who is constantly in the conversation, mainly because she has managed to become a brand and generate millions of dollars. You might not like the idea, but Kim Kardashian is the queen of marketing. We tell you 5 reasons.

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1- He gets money from everything
Kim Kardashian’s personal fortune is around 45 million Namibia Phone Number List dollars, which she has obtained from brand licenses of her image for perfumes and stores, a television program, books, rights to photographs of her weddings and even the sex tape that came to light in 2007. Kim doesn’t pass up an opportunity to profit.

2. It is a successful brand
We saw her together with her sisters as an ambassador for Sears, she has perfumes and the cosmetics she uses are also to promote them. She is the brand herself and it is believed that the mastermind who started it all was her mother Kris Jenner, who has also been her manager.

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3. Invested in the digital sector
The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app is one of the most successful of 2014 and is estimated to have raised more than $ 100 million by the end of the year. It is a superficial game that has been well received and is available on mobile devices and on Facebook.

4. Sell even books
His critics say he has no talent, but he has published two Brother Cell Phone List best-selling books: Kardashian Konfidential and Dollhouse: A Novel. The third book, Selfish , will go on sale in April and will consist of pure selfies that have been taken.

5. Has an impressive digital strategy
Kardashian has millions of followers on social media and gives them, as well as their detractors, reasons to be in the conversation on social media every day. With his latest campaign to promote a magazine, he proved that he can masterfully use social media to promote himself, especially on Instagram.

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