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5 reasons to get off the hook on WhatsApp

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5 reasons to get off the hook on WhatsApp

Technology has advantages and disadvantages. Getting the best out of WhatsApp depends on how the application is used.

Santiago, Chile.- My last Smartphone is only four months old and it has already started to show malfunctions (programmed obsolescence?) So I had to take it to the technical service. The company graciously loaned me a device and advised that the numbers would be reset. I just realized Jamaica Phone Number List that I had been saving the information on the computer, not on the card, but for the sake of time I gave the authorization to delete it. Without numbers on the new device, the use of WhatsApp made no sense, so I only devoted myself to the task of recovering the frequent numbers. Then came the doubts about the application.

I once said that I would never download WhatsApp – which was clearly risky – but after falling into temptation, I quickly got used to it and was enjoying its advantages. Today, in a break from green balloons and blue and black double checks , I ask myself the reasons for the final drop.

Anxiety. Human beings are anxious (yes, women more) and the advantage of having direct communication with a person or with a group becomes a disadvantage if you know that your message has been received and does not have an immediate response, as you expect. That is, the colors do not matter here, nor the tickets. It is assumed that the other has the text at his disposal as soon as he opens the phone. If you do not respond for a few hours, it generates doubt and anxiety.

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Work pressure. The application is not only used for the social – although it depends on each one, in reality – but it also serves as a communicational tool between colleagues, bosses and subordinates. The constant presence of the workplace in personal life, limits rest and even if someone adds the phrase “sorry that bothers you at this time” they already did and one allowed it by including the telephone among the contacts.

Lack of privacy. It is true that all communication systems are not very secure and there is none that swears total privacy. However, all you have to do is press a key in a WhatsApp conversation to forward the content to another user. And it is not a lack of trust, no, it is a reality that seriously limits privacy.

Access to your data. Like any application, by downloading Brother Cell Phone List it you are accepting that the system has access to your data. “Who does nothing, fears nothing” people say, however, your data is related to the data of all your contacts and therein lies the danger.

Limit actual communication. Nothing more unpleasant than sitting down to share a coffee or a drink with someone who looks at their phone every five seconds. And the custom is so common that it seems like a rude gesture to ask the companion to keep the device, to be able to communicate face to face, effectively. That is, the thief behind the judge.

I clarify that all this is a personal analysis and many of the points have their flats. Probably when I have my phone back, I will download the application again, but I will also use some of these reflections to improve its use. Will they serve you too?

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