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5 professional social networks that you should explore to position yourself as an authority

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5 professional social networks that you should explore to position yourself as an authority

After taking the necessary steps and implementing a management plan, the post-crisis phase is often characterized by: drop in brand mentions on social media and in the press; resumption of sales indexes and brand equity ; recovery of normal relationships Panama WhatsApp Number List with stakeholders; greater number of resumes and applications received; increased team productivity. After the brand crisis, it is time to seek learning to prevent problems from happening again. Despite indications that the worst is over, the brand may still feel the effects of adversity for some time. Therefore, keep an eye on the indicators and work hard on the image of the company. How to create a crisis management plan? Taking into account the Panama WhatsApp Number List different phases mentioned above, it is possible to develop a crisis management plan that has different purposes: prevention, crisis combat and improvements after unforeseen overcoming. To facilitate the application we have divided these actions into steps.

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Assess the situation First, you need to create an overview of the brand crisis. How bad is it? Talk to employees who can clarify the situation, understand what really happened and how the press and the general public are interpreting it. Right now, media monitoring tools can help you get a quick overview of how consumers are responding on social media. One of them is Buzzsumo , a social media monitoring Panama WhatsApp Number List platform that allows you to see the most talked about topics, as well as the social influencers. Once you’re on the site, use the “Trending Now” tab to see what the public is saying about your brand. So take stock: has sentiment about the company changed dramatically? Have your brand mentions skyrocketed? These two metrics can indicate how viral the crisis is, as well as whether people are talking about it positively or negatively.

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However, before entering crisis mode, make sure that negative coverage is coming from a single source or from multiple locations. In certain cases, it may be better to respond directly to those who are dissatisfied rather than issuing a public statement. 2. Assign duties and communicate Once you know exactly what happened, you need to report it to your employees. Tell them the situation without hiding any points and Panama WhatsApp Number List explain what the company will do to deal with the difficulty. Along with this, assign tasks and make it clear who can communicate with the press. Show how to answer the opening questions as you compose your official answer. It is very important that employees do not discuss the crisis publicly without your opinion. It also decides who will be responsible for spearheading crisis management and dealing with public relations.

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