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5 factors to be competitive in retail this Good End

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5 factors to be competitive in retail this Good End

Mexico City . Today the Good End 2014 officially started . With this, multiple companies -even in the retail sector- begin to bombard consumers with offers that are going to be monitored and -in any case-  denounced not only by official bodies , but by the users themselves through digital platforms.

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For this reason, it is worth reviewing the elements that make Latvia Phone Number List a store a focus of attention for buyers this season. For the consulting firm Agasys , there are 5 parameters to observe within the retail industry that will be decisive in the volume of sales during the coming days:

1) Hours:   the company reported that it is essential to corroborate that the opening and closing of branches are carried out at the hours indicated to customers; in this way they can organize their purchases and be sure that there is a set schedule and the store will avoid loss of income.

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2) Staff behavior:  Another factor is that each element of the branch is in the designated area, and avoid situations that affect the image of the establishment and as well as the attention of buyers. These situations can be: using a cell phone, leaving the place or eating in the work area.

3) Customer service:  Agasys points out that the staff must effectively comply with instructions that help to close a sale, such as approaching the customer, showing the products, inviting them to try them, tasting or promoting the offer or discount.

4) Order and cleanliness:  In the same way, you must Brother Cell Phone List check that everything is in its proper place and without traces of dirt.

5) Security and surveillance:  The personnel in charge of safeguarding both staff, customers, products and inventories duly uniformed, fulfilling times and functions in their charge such as checking the entry and exit of consumers.

For his part, Carlos Agami , director of sales and projects at Agasys, commented that whatever the establishment’s heading, “records must be taken to help us validate the actions carried out correctly as well as those where we have the opportunity to improve.”

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