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3 tips in case you ‘water it’ on social networks

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3 tips in case you ‘water it’ on social networks

Making mistakes on social networks can be extremely costly for companies, so you must have a plan of how to react if you “screwed up”. México, DF.- The issue of how delicate it is to talk about certain issues on social networks, mainly by brands, was debated these days before Crunch’s tweet about Ayotzinapa, as well as the analysis of what is due do to face such a crisis situation.

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Crunch México responds: “It is too early to know if (the tweet) will have effects on the future of the brand”
Crunch México and its unfortunate tweet: Very serious Portugal Phone Number List communication management problem Nestlé asks Twitter for data on unfortunate post by Crunch David Uribe , Creative VP of Asylum Marketing, indicated that each case is different, so it depends on the topic and what has been published will be the strategy to follow in social networks to face a crisis.

“You have to be very careful with that kind of thing, there are very sensitive issues, sometimes because we want to be relevant at the time we are talking, we rush to post and there are very serious cases with very large brands,” explained Uribe, who gave the following tips in case you “water it” on Social Media.

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1.- When a movement against the brand is already unleashed, you just have to wait for it to pass, there are crisis management methodologies, but when it is a sensitive issue of deaths, or that kind of thing, at some point the attention is going to lose.

2.- Try not to speak, or ask for forgiveness, or want to Brother Cell Phone List justify the point, be a little patient and let the trend pass.

3.- Wait for someone else to get attention , social networks are in constant motion, so some other topic will stand out and the focus will be removed on the account that made the mistake.

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