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17 tips to give your website or blog more security in WordPress

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17 tips to give your website or blog more security in WordPress

You will ask yourself, « How much will it cost me? The answer: nothing! Paying for promotional content, after all, does not guarantee effective results and often results in financial and time losses. Thus, the idea with link baiting is to be able to make the most of India Phone Number List the opportunities that are presented to us organically. Later we will show you successful examples of Link Baiting that you can apply in your strategy. But the main thing in this strategy is to produce web pages that generate so much value to the user until they say: «this content deserves to be shared with the world, it has highly qualified information! Link baiting vs. link building: are they the same? Surely if you are looking for information about the subject, you will come across another similar term: link building .

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However, it is important that you know that they are not the same. While it is true that their goal is the same: get inbound links. Link building is responsible for searching for them “actively”, through actions such as guest posting , alliances with influencers in the niche or even dissemination on social networks. In other words, the link building supposes an active movement of the authors of a website so that India Phone Number List other external web pages link it. On the other hand, link baiting does so in a “passive” way. It is based on the virality of the content, generating information, exposing creative ideas, creating innovative and exclusive content that meets the needs of the buyer persona. In this way, you attract the attention of the target audience who will share or link the content due to the affinity they feel for it.

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However, both techniques are not exclusive, on the contrary, if we use them together in a Digital Marketing strategy , we will achieve better results. Knowing their difference and complementation was essential. Now we can continue! How to make a link baiting strategy? Each link baiting strategy is different, since it depends on what type of inbound links you want to achieve. For example: Do you want virality? Request that they India Phone Number List share on social networks. Do you want more authority? The best option is a reference within a corporate blog . Now, how do you make an effective Link Baiting strategy? With two tips we will solve the day for you: 1. Statistical analysis In Marketing, statistics are everything. In this case, with them you can: analyze keywords using SEO tools, for example, SEMrush , for which you want to receive the backlinks; Analysis of the competition to put together an original material that surpasses it.

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