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15 effective strategies to sell software and boost revenue generation

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15 effective strategies to sell software and boost revenue generation

In other words, Data Driven Marketing is a strategy that organizes, processes and uses the massive information you have about your clients (current and potential) to obtain valuable insights about them. Therefore, its objective is to understand even the smallest Austria Phone Numbers List detail of consumer behavior in order to design more precise and results-oriented Digital Marketing actions. What is not Data Driven Marketing? Ahh, so can it be said that Data Driven Marketing gathers as much information about users as possible? The answer is no. Specifically, Data-Oriented Marketing: It is not doing Data Mining , it is not the same as Data Science , does not pretend to follow each and every one of the Digital Marketing metrics . What differentiates Data Driven Marketing from these actions is its strategic nature : all the data that a company collects fulfills a function, Austria Phone Numbers List and that is to automatically obtain real-time insights about consumers. Thus, Data Driven Marketing only stores the data relevant to a business in an organized way.

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The importance of establishing a business process to sell software

This with the purpose of guiding Digital Marketing actions to meet the increasingly complex needs of customers and retain them . Why being Data Driven is essential for Marketing of the 21st century? Today more than ever it is a fact that data is the most valuable resource in Marketing . Still, 87% of marketers think data is the least used asset in their organizations. However, the information age is here to stay. And for sure, the use of data will increase given the increasing quantity and quality of data. Thus, businesses that implement Data Driven Marketing strategies avoid Austria Phone Numbers List make decisions based on assumptions, not reality; offer a user experience with low levels of personalization; invest in Marketing actions that do not bring the expected results; miss opportunities for growth; build low-value relationships with customers. Instead of relying on “I believe,” the data provides objective instructions , which is incredibly valuable in the decision-making process.

Build a Content Marketing strategy

For this reason, Data Driven Marketing appears as the new compass for digital strategists. 5 advantages of Data Driven Marketing for companies We have already seen that today it is possible to quantify and analyze consumer behavior from Big Data. But what does that mean for business? Here we list 5 great benefits of Data Oriented Marketing. 1. Maximize return on investment By understanding the needs and Austria Phone Numbers List pains of your Buyer Persona , you can plan and execute more focused Marketing actions. This will prevent you from wasting your resources on actions that do not have a strategic foundation. Consequently, by making efficient use of your resources, you optimize your results and earn a higher ROI . And it is that having a solid base to objectively identify the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy, allows you to make the necessary adjustments to reach your customers at the right time and with the right message.

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