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11 e-commerce trends that should be consolidated in the post-pandemic life

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11 e-commerce trends that should be consolidated in the post-pandemic life

The number of CMS options is immense, so it is impossible to know which one you use today and which one you want to migrate. But there are only 2 golden rules to migrate CMS: make a backup of your information and databases: if everything goes USA Phone Number List wrong you can restore your site to the old CMS with the database 100% preserved. Seek New CMS Support – Overall, the documentation from a reputable and leading CMS is very good, as is its community of members. These two elements can guide you to carry out the migration without problems. How to evaluate the best hosting for CMS? Of course, the CMS is not the only important element in maintaining your website. The hosting also plays a prominent USA Phone Number List role in this, because if the hosting is not compatible with the CMS you chose, you will not be able to use it. And once again we come to the question of the number of options available.

USA Phone Number List

Diversified payment methods

We will not be able to analyze them one by one in this article, but we can provide you with a very simple step by step to guide you in your choice: decide first what type of hosting you want. There are 4: shared server, in the cloud , VPS and dedicated ; shortens the list of top-rated companies in the industry, which are compatible with the CMS you are looking for; Compare resources, services and prices among the “finalists” of your selection. What are the differences between ? The CMS is a system that covers various types of software, each one designed to meet different USA Phone Number List needs. Therefore, we will show you below some of these subcategories and their differences. WCM – Web Content Management WCM is software used to create, manage, store and display content on web pages. It has the ability to design and organize websites so that the contents are always up-to-date and easily accessible at any time. In addition, it allows the control and preparation of content for publication, enabling evaluation and approval before its release.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

WCM also allows the automation of content for publication, generating better performance. ECM – Enterprise Content Management ECM is the technology behind the capture, management, preservation and distribution of content and documents related to business processes. ECM tools and strategies allow you to structure the information of organizations during their existence. These tools include WCM, which we just saw, USA Phone Number List and DAM, which we will learn about next. DAM – Digital Asset Management DAM is a concept very similar to the previous one. The main difference is that, while an ECM works in general file management, a DAM has a more specialized approach and is mainly used in the management of rich media, such as videos , audios, images, among others. Therefore, it is the best option if you need a solution that efficiently concentrates multimedia files.

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