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10 Franchises In Mexico That You Can Look At In Detail To Scale Your Business

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10 Franchises In Mexico That You Can Look At In Detail To Scale Your Business

To ensure that you are on the “top of the mind” of the audience in a positive way, it is necessary that the branding, target audience and product are aligned. Be present in everyday life Although, many times, that relationship exists, being Top of Mind is Venezuela WhatsApp Number List being positively remembered, but it does not necessarily mean being the most consumed. In this way, after transmitting credibility , it is also necessary to invest in consistent communication. If you are part of people’s daily lives, it is easier to become a reference. This is why brands with national coverage tend to be more frequent among the responses in this type of survey and also, because there are surveys or investigations, in general, with an exclusively regional focus.

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How is Top of Mind research done? There are various national, international and even regional investigations that seek to understand which brands are most present in the mind of the consuming public. In general, the research is done based on a single question, the same one we asked you at the beginning of this text: what is the brand that comes to mind when you think about a certain product or service segment? Venezuela WhatsApp Number List These investigations can be spontaneous, which makes the results more extensive, or induced, in which the options are presented, which limits the possibilities of answers and reduces the appearance of marks with a more regional focus among the results. Commonly, they are done by sampling and can be done in person, online or by phone. Regardless of the chosen approach, it is important that they are prepared by trained institutes that use valid methodologies.

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newspaper «Falah de São Paulo» since the 1990s and which investigates the brands most remembered by Brazilians in dozens of categories of products and services. Each country has its own research institutes. Why accompany these investigations? The niche of action does not matter: if you Venezuela WhatsApp Number List want to be relevant to your target audience and stand out from the competition, you have to accompany the brands awarded for this type of research. In the end, what makes a brand remembered for 2, 5 or 10 consecutive years? What does it mean for a cosmetic brand to be among the most remembered in the environment category, as it was in the case of Natura in 2018? Or even what led Uber to appear for the first time in the Brazilian investigation with a 49% recall rate?

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