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10 creatives talk about 10 of the most important technological advances in the last decade

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10 creatives talk about 10 of the most important technological advances in the last decade

International . The evolution and development of man has historically been marked by technology. At the time, some of the tools we have today – and many people take for granted in their everyday lives – meant hours of research and sacrifice for the world’s most creative minds. For this reason, the PSFK  portal was in charge of interviewing countless figures from the creative industry to collect their impressions on the great advances that in the last 10 years gave new meaning to man’s life.

Here are their answers: 

1.- Batteries (from Lithium to LiPo onwards)

Advances in battery engineering have allowed things to get smaller, more powerful all the way to electric cars.

Laura JB, Creative Partner, Mr President

2.-Collective Consumption

Sharing is not new, but technology allowed us to Romania Phone Number List connect and share with communities in ways that totally break with notions about consumption and ownership of goods. Airbnb. Uber. Zipcar. Spotify. Netflix…

Bridget Jung – Brand & Communication Consultant / editor @ adverblog

3.- Facebook

I am addicted to Facebook. I’m ashamed to admit it’s more than guilty pleasure. I am interested in knowing the way in which our behavior has changed. It began based on a form of understanding and anthropology. Not for nothing have some great exponents working in their ranks in the middle to create a system that works with human behavior. They have become so adept that now they have really changed the way we behave.

Abi Ellis – Group Creative Director at LBi

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4.- Google Maps

Because I love discovering new places and I hate feeling lost.

Becky Power, ECD, Lowe Open

5.- Hybrid Cars

Toyota’s Prius was the first hybrid car and it marked the gap for clean energy consumption. The hybrids began to raise awareness about the environmental impact of consuming fossil fuels and provided an alternative. The adaptation to green mobility would not have been possible without the confidence that these cars generated in the consumer.

Ana Andjelic, Group Strategy Director, Spring Studios

6.- iPhone

Because they were the first to start the mobile revolution by stopping trying to make the best phone and starting to figure out how to make a computer Brother Cell Phone List that would fit in your pocket. Before the iPhone, phones were complex and difficult to use. After its arrival the other devices looked old and out of date, just like Nokia and Motorola.

Lars Bastholm, Global CCO, Rosetta

7.- Streaming

It’s incredible how a couple of years ago, to hear something I had to be the owner. Whether tapes, records or files, they had to be purchased in order to be reproduced. Now, services like Spotify and YouTube made sure that you are never the owner again. They rent or lend you the music. Imagine being 15 years old again and someone telling you that you can have practically all the music in the world in a few seconds without investing anything.

Nathan Cooper. rubbishcorp® Limited

8.- Touch screen technology

As simple as that is the meaning of technology – a better way of doing things. It removes that piece of friction between the user and the content. It feels like magic. It completely changed the way we interact, inform ourselves and get to know the world.

Gareth Kay, Founding Partner, Zeus Jones San Francisco

9.- Trackman

Give exact distances, turning speed and deployment of any golf shot. It can steer your iPad or iPhone. Revolutionary technology developed by the military; It ends up being used by fat millionaire golfers.

Dave Bedwood. – CD M&C Saatchi

10.- WIFI

I hate cables.

Flo Heiss – CD, DARE

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