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Customer Success and Account Manager know the basic differences between the roles and processes of these professionals

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Customer Success and Account Manager know the basic differences between the roles and processes of these professionals

Although the definition of this specialist seems simple, his work is actually much more profound and complex. And it is that its mission goes beyond helping the client to fully use the product or service they acquired . Also, you must ensure that the customer is aligned Canada WhatsApp Number List with his strategic objectives and that he grows and progressively improves with the use of his purchase. At the same time, it must convey to the rest of the work team the importance of applying certain criteria to guarantee a positive user experience. Although it is no longer strange to run into Customer Success within a company, the reality is that a few years ago it was a profession with little place in the market. This specialty began to gain ground in the workplace and professional with the expansion of SaaS (Software as a Service) companies.

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Sustainable results vs immediate results

This is because they needed experts to guide the use of the platforms and their functionalities, to make sure that clients achieved results through them. But it is important to clarify that the CS is not a customer-focused Technical Support analyst, but rather a representative of you in the company. That means you need to analyze the data generated by customer interactions and use it to give you insights into what you Canada WhatsApp Number List can do to get more positive results. At the same time, this professional is in charge of providing the client with autonomy to make decisions about the product or service, enabling them to use it according to their objectives and goals. And what is the role of an Account Manager? This is a professional who is especially focused on maximizing the Lifetime Value (LTV) , that is, the economic benefits that each client generates for a company throughout the term of their contract.

Customer success vs new sales or renewals

To do this, logically, they must also ensure that the life cycle lasts as long as possible, establishing solid and long-term relationships between users and the companies they represent. How do they try to achieve it? Simple: making sure that customers are satisfied with the product or service purchased, because only then will they feel motivated to make new purchases or renew their subscriptions. So far, surely, Canada WhatsApp Number List you have not detected profound differences between these concepts, but believe me there are! The How are Customer Success and Account Manager different? At first glance, we can see that Customer Success is more rooted in the interests of the customer , while the Account Manager, while also seeking satisfaction, has the main function of providing concrete business results, such as cross-selling and renewals.

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